2nd epEternal Space Voyage ▼Release Information
Label : Zion 604 Records
Cat No. : ZION604DIG018
Release date : Jan 6, 2023

▼Track List
1. Eternal Space Voyage
2. Lemon Myrtle

All tracks written & produced by Tomoco Iwai
Mastered by Maor Hasbani @ Skizo Studio, Israel
Original Cover art by Jun Jikooha

Eternal Space Voyage

Zion 604 is happy to announce Tomocomo’s single as first release of 2023!!

After almost 2 years of making, We at Zion 604 are proud to announce Tomocomo's next studio album. As an early bird, we release this 2-track EP with tracks that will be included in the full album itself.

Many old-school trance producers aim their scope to the dance floor. In that EP (and on forthcoming album too), Tomo shows us that music comes from energy, and energy is derived from the harmonies around us.

To conduct her orchestra of movement, she used an analog synthesis interface and you can hear that very well when you listen to the whole album.

2023年1月6日、イスラエルのレーベルZion 604 RecordsよりTomocomoのゴアトランス、2nd シングルがリリース!

収録されている曲は春にリリース予定の1stアルバムにも収録される曲で、今回先行シングルとしての発表。 アナログシンセを多用したハーモニックでエネルギッシュな作品2曲!シングルのタイトルでもある、”Eternal Space Voyage”は彼女自身がプレイしたイスラエルでのPartyでオーディエンスを沸き上がらせた。


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Mar 18, 2023

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Mar 14, 2023

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Mar 7, 2023

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Mar 6, 2023

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Feb 8, 2023

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Feb 7, 2023

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Jan 7, 2023

2023年1月6日 セカンドシングル “Eternal Space Voyage”がZion 604 Recordsよりリリースされました!

Nov 23, 2022

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Nov 23, 2022

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Nov 23, 2022

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