1st epVenus Dawn ▼Release Information
Label : Zion 604 Records
Cat No. : ZION604CD020
Release date : Jun 29, 2019

▼Track List
1. Venus Dawn
2. Dive Into Paradise
3. Cosmic Ocean

All tracks written & produced by Tomoco Iwai
Masterd by Leon Gossler, Leonard Studio, Israel
Track 3 Kindly permission for release by Rajas Records, Japan
Executive Producer – Roy Sasson, Stephan Spivak
Layout by Hiroko Psychedelicafe
Art work by Yuko Imano, Kimihiko

Venus Dawn

One of only a few goa trance creator as female in the world, Japanese artist Tomocomo’s 1st ep was released from Zion 604.

The title track “Venus Dawn” is her expression of shining Venus in before Dawn which sound mixed feminine touch and her strong mind from her deep inside. The 2nd track “Dive Into Paradise” was completed from the image of trip to the sky where stars are twinkling. “Cosmic Ocean” is aggressive acid sound style that takes you to the parallel world.

This ep is including both old-school and new style 3 dreamy tracks with connecting to the universe. She has been creating her music by sensitive and powerful groove with love from her heart of hearts.
Come on in and feel Tomocomo's world..

世界においても数少ない女性ゴアトランストラックメーカーの一人である、日本人アーティストTomocomoが、自身のファーストシングル Venus DawnをイスラエルのゴアトランスレーベルZion 604からリリース!

夜明け前の金星の輝きを表現、女性ならではの繊細さと彼女の奥深くにある骨太な部分が絶妙にmixされた”Venus Dawn”、星々が煌めく空へとトリップするイメージから完成した”Dive Into Paradise”、そして、アシッドスタイルのパラレルワールドへと誘う”Cosmic Ocean”。


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