Tomocomo photo

Tomocomo is a Japanese trance / ambient dj and producer. She started her dj career in 2008. She spins “retro goa trance DJ set” which is her origin and also “new style goa trance DJ set” using various sources such as goa trance, techno based on old school from the 90's to the present. Her world view creates a path of sound by spinning tracks with a unique sensibility. It is full of unique grooves, depth and warmth.

In chill out / ambient / downtempo DJ set, she puts the healing and love that comes out of herself into the sound and guides the floor to a deep world that envelops the audience.

From 2013, she started producing goa trance / ambient music tracks making use of her experience with classical piano since she was 3 years old and various instruments. Her trance creations express the up-to-date goa sounds based on old school goa trance. They unleash a variety of colors and some make you dance hypnotically with techno loops, and you also feel euphoric analog sounds.

She has joined compilations in various countries since 2014 and 2 singles were released. In 2023, her very 1st full album was released from Zion 604 Records and she started her live performance with her original tracks. Her live set comes from experiences through her own DJ style and which tells a story into your mind.

She has performed at parties in various places in Japan, Israel, Belgium, Spain and India.

She has also hosted a shamanic and anarchic party "Shamanarchy" with Goa trance band Jikooha. And she launched a new crossover party "COZZMIC SONIC" with her partner Jun Jikooha in 2023.

She would take the audience somewhere high dimension beyond here.

2008年よりDJ活動開始。90年代から現在までのGoa Trance、Techno等、様々な音源を駆使した現在進行形Goa Trance Setや、自身の原点であるRetro Goa Trance Setをプレイする。 独特の感性で曲を紡ぎ、音の道筋を創っていく彼女の世界観は、 個性的なグルーヴと深さや暖かさに満ちている。

Chill Out / Ambient / Downtempo Setでは、彼女自身から湧き出る優しさや癒しを音に乗せ、包み込むような浮遊感のあるDeepワールドへとフロアを誘う。

3歳から長年馴れ親しんだクラシックピアノや様々な楽器経験を生かし、2013年よりGoa Trance / Ambient musicのトラック制作を開始。彼女のトランスの楽曲は、オールドスクールをベースにした最新のゴアサウンドを表現している。テクノなループ感でヒプノティックに踊らせるトラックからアナログサウンドを駆使した多幸感溢れるダンストラック、そして王道ゴアトランスまで様々な色を解き放つ。



シャーマニズムとアナキズムを基軸としたパーティ"Shamanarchy"をゴアトランス・バンドJikoohaと主催。2023年パートナーのJun Jikoohaと共にクロスオーバーな新パーティ"COZZMIC SONIC"をローンチ。